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Timber Decking

We are decking contractors in Sydney. Our team are specialists at building new decks and repairing existing decks and bringing them back to life. Whether you want the traditional timber deck or one of the new low maintenance composite decks, we can assist in constructing your new deck. If you want a quote for decking in Sydney, one of our staff can come to your house and measure your proposed deck. We can also assist with the design and provide advice on materials and finishes. If you need balustrades for your deck in Sydney, we can also provide these. The options are endless, from glass balustrades to stainless steel posts and wire, aluminum fence panels and more. We can build your new decks structure using either a treated pine framework or a metal framework for added strength and durability. We also offer either hardwood decking or composite decking to go on top. Our tradesmen screw all our decks down and never nail so they stand the test of time. There are some common questions we get asked in regards to decking. Some of these are answered below to assist you with making your decision:

Hardwood decking

  • Beautiful timber grains and natural colours of the wood compliment a premium finish.
  • Can also be stained to the colour of your choice.
  • Will stand the test of time if maintained regularly
  • To ensure the longevity of the decks finishes, regular maintenance is required. A light sand and oil is typically required once a year
  • The decking panels could be at risk in a termite prone area. All our framework, however, is termite-proof.

Composite decking

  • You can pick and choose a colour rather than a natural timber colour to complement the design of your home.
  • They have hidden screws which you can not see on the top of the boards.
  • Maintenance-free, other than a scrub with soapy water.
  • They are typically made from recycled materials so place less of a burden on the environment
  • Can scratch and not advised if you have large dogs where their nails scratch the surface.
  • You can’t sand down to resurface them, so if damaged over time they need to be replaced rather than repaired

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