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Our professional team of carpenters can install skirting in your home, office or institution. We can remove existing skirting and replace it with new skirting, or install it from scratch if you don’t have anything there. There is a wide range of timber skirting to choose from. We can discuss the options if you haven’t decided on what you want, and we can order all the materials you need through the regular suppliers we work with. A free measure and quote is available at your premises. If you have plans for a new building, we can provide a quote based on these. We can prep all skirting for paint, and can even organise a painter for you if you wish to have the entire process completed by us.

Installation of skirting

Our skirting installation usually involves the following:
  • Free measure and quote at your premises
  • Discussing the type of skirting you want if you haven’t already chosen it
  • Ordering the timber for you if you need help with this (we often get discounts because of the volume of skirting we do, so it is often cheaper for us to provide it for you if you haven’t already purchased it)
  • Prepare the skirting to be installed. This may involve removing old skirting.
  • Installation of the new skirting
  • Filling nail holes and sanding back in preparation for paint if you require this.
  • Painting of the skirting if you require this

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