Carpentry Co

Roofing Contractor in Sydney

We are a Sydney roofing contractor that specialises in colourbond roofing. We are available for residential and commercial roofing projects. We offer both new roofs as well as roof repairs and emergency roof repairs in Sydney. If you are building a new dwelling we can quote off your set of plans. If you have an existing home, we can come out and measure your current roof and advise what is required to convert it to a brand new metal colourbond roof. Metal roofing is growing in popularity. It typically offers less chance of leaks as opposed to traditional tiled roofs which can crack or become loose over time. Colourbond is also typically easier to maintain, without the need for regular cleaning and removal of lichen, moss and mould on the roof. It also has a large range of colours that can add to the design and look of your home. We provide a complete roofing solution, including:
  • Removal – of old roofs, guttering- we can remove old tiled roofs or old metal roofs, including taking away all rubbish
  • Repairs – to existing roof structure if required. This could include changing damaged timber beams, rotten beams, termite damage etc
  • Re-roofing – replace old tiled roofs with new colourbond sheets
  • New roofs – we can build a brand new roof from scratch based on your plans
  • Emergency roof repairs  we can come out promptly and repair roofs damaged in storms
  • Insulation – we can insulate roofs to make your home more efficient
We offer a completing new roofing solution, which includes gutters, downpipes, eaves, installation of skylights and more. Try us today and see why we are one of the preferred roofing contractors in Sydney.

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