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Floor Boards

Floor boards are one of the most popular flooring options in modern architecture. They are popular across both residential and commercial applications for flooring, and can also be used to line feature walls. They offer a link between natural and industrial design, and can bring warmth to a contemporary room.

We offer all types of flooring or you can provide your own flooring for our carpenters to install. Our carpenters can work with pre finished and laminated floor boards or natural timber, offering a complete service from preparation installation and finishing.

We also offer maintenance of existing flooring. We can sand back and re-lacquer existing floorboards if you have a floor that you wish to bring back to life. We can also change any floor boards that are beyond repair.

Installation of new flooring:

We offer a complete new floorboard installation solution, and can offer the following services:

  • Free measure and quote at your premises
  • Discussing the right type of floorboard for your application based on your requirements
  • Showing samples of appropriate flooring or you can provide your own
  • Ordering the flooring for you if you need help with this (we often get discounts because of the volume of flooring we do, so it is often cheaper for us to provide it for you if you haven’t already purchased it)
  • Prepare the floor to be laid- this may involve remove existing flooring, skirting and cleaning and leveling out of the floor to ensure a premium finish
  • Installation of the new floorboards
  • Sanding and painting of the floorboards if they are not already pre finished boards

Maintenance of existing flooring and repairs:

If you already have existing floorboards that you wish to keep it may be cheaper to repair and rejuvenate them as opposed to putting in a new floor. The beauty of an old floor is often hidden by years of wear and tear and dirt build up and you will be surprised at how beautiful an old floor can be when it is given some attention. A floor can be restored to its natural beauty by stripping back the surface layer using specialist floor sanding techniques and then refinishing the floor boards with a new protective seal.

Our process involves:

  • Free inspection of the existing floor and quote at your premises
  • Analysis of whether the floor can be repaired and an outline of any damages to the floor that need to be corrected
  • Replacing any damaged floorboards and re fastening of any loose boards
  • Sanding back the floor in preparation for painting
  • Cleaning of the floor to ensure an outstanding paint finish
  • Re lacquering of the floor to protect its beauty for years to come

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