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Hanging doors is our specialty. We can install one or multiple doors, depending on your requirements. Our expert carpenters can install a door that you may already have, or we can assist in ordering a door for you after showing you various styles and finishes. If you have an existing door that you want changed, this is fine, we can make adjustments to your existing door frame as needed to hang your new door, or replace it all together if need be to accommodate the new door. If you want to create a new doorway all together to open up a room, we can cut out a new door space and build all the structure required to support the installation of a new door. We can then hang your chosen door or order a door for you. Our carpenters can install all types of doors, from front doors, to internal doors, to sliding doors or bi fold doors. We can install just about any type of door, whether it be made from glass, timber or steel. We can install handles and locks on your door, as well as door stops and draft guards, and slow release door closing mechanisms. Get in contact with us today if you want a door hung quickly and a proper job done.

Installation of doors

We offer a complete door installation. Our process typically involves
  • Free measure and quote at your premises. For new premises, we can quote based on your plans. For existing homes, offices or institutions, we can view the door way and advise on a price.
  • If you haven’t yet chosen your door we can discuss the options available. We can order all types of doors for you based on a team of regular suppliers we deal with. We often get the doors a lot cheaper because of the volume we buy, so take advantage of our buying power if you are yet to purchase your door to save some money.
  • Once you have chosen your door or provided the door, a qualified carpenter from our team will arrive at your location and install it.
  • When the door is installed we can then attach any handles, locks, draft guards or slow closing mechanisms for you

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